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  •   introduction    
    Tuesday, August 08 2006 @ 11:54 AM EDT Contributed by:sababeach Views: 16194

    General NewsJust joined the group; I'll introduce myself. My first name is Tim
    and I live in central Florida near Orlando. My vocation is as a
    business application programmer which I started in '66 by
    wire-wrapping boards for Univac 1004/1005s. I spent the next 14 years
    designing/writing big-iron financial applications: demand desposit,
    time deposit, installment loan. Since '81 I've specialized in
    designing/writing micro-iron vertical order processing applications
    for distribution businesses: automotive aftermarket,
    awards & presentations, pottery & landscaping.

    My hardware is limited to Intel/AMD powered computers on which I use
    FreeBSD and the Debian distribution of Linux.

    My current project is a web enabled horizontal order processing
    application using Apache and Linux/FreeBSD which you can test drive,
    if you wish, at my showroom at

    I am retired excepting continued support for my order processing application. I join *ix user groups as an enjoyable way to keep up
    with the state of *ix software.


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