out of service....

Thursday, April 26 2007 @ 06:32 PM EDT

Contributed by: kgeffert

Sometime in the previous week (before the last Tuesday meeting), the system went dark. IXC telecom informed us of the issue and took steps to do some troubleshooting of the issue so we could have a quick resolution.

Unfortunately those efforts didn't result into a working box scenario. I spent some time today on location trying to resurrect the system with a new motherboard / CPU combination.

I thought that I had the issue resolved and left the system downloading the updates to Debian 4.0 (Etch). It seems, though, that thought was nice but no cigar.

Once I returned from work, the box was unresponsive yet again, and several reboots later, the system has not been stable.

I'll be in the process of reviving this system as it stores all of our meeting audio, provides audio and desktop streaming, dynamic DNS service and our VOIP phone number.

I wish I had an ETA on a solution, but as of now, I have clue. I expect to recieve the box within 24hrs. I'll then take other diagnostic steps to see if I can find the fault.

Until then. the services will be not functioning.

Thank you, and I'll keep you updated on any changes.