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  •   FBI-Net tapping   View Printable Version 
    Monday, July 10 2006 @ 02:33 PM EDT Contributed by:Anonymous Views: 14386

    Geeklog News

         76 comments      Most Recent Post: 09/15 07:43AM by Zakir

      HLA   View Printable Version 
    Thursday, June 29 2006 @ 12:30 PM EDT Contributed by:Anonymous Views: 81305

    Geeklog NewsTo those of you impulse buyers out there!(like myself)
    here's a place to check before you make the purchase.

         136 comments      Most Recent Post: 09/14 02:48AM by submitok

      [MythTV]-politik   View Printable Version 
    Thursday, June 22 2006 @ 01:22 PM EDT Contributed by:Anonymous Views: 15606

    Geeklog Newshey all
    this is a forward of a forward, of a forward that I recieved today.
    figured the mythtv enthusiasts would like to read this.

    As mentioned tonight, the broadcast flag is back, and worse than ever.
    The Senate is currently considering telecom legislation that includes
    flags for both digital TV and radio. These flags would "signal"
    copyrighted content to the receiver, which would be mandated to read and
    obey -- preventing you from recording. Your right to fair use would not
    exist, and MythTV would not exist either -- or at least, it'd be illegal.

    Luckily, we can stop this from happening. Tomorrow, the Senate Commerce
    Committee will "mark up" the telecom bill. An amendment will be offered
    to strike the flags from the bill. One of Florida's Senators, Bill
    Nelson, sits on the committee -- make sure he hears from his constituents!

    The markup is scheduled for 2 pm tomorrow (Thursday). Please call
    tomorrow morning to save MythTV and your right to fair use.

    Sen. Bill Nelson (FL)
    (202) 224-5274

    Tell the receptionist that you are a constituent and you want to
    register a comment about legislation. Then ask Sen. Nelson to "support
    the Sununu Amendment to strike the broadcast and radio flags" in the
    Commerce telecom markup. Add something personal about MythTV, Linux,
    your rights, or innovation. Be nice :)

    For more information:

    Public Knowledge has a lot of information from the past week on their
    blog. Additionally, see this great ad from the Consumer Electronics

    Please call tomorrow. It only takes a minute, and it could save your
    future computer from becoming crippled or illegal.

         97 comments      Most Recent Post: 06/29 09:41PM by echeapsnapbacks

      Meeting change for June 20th   View Printable Version 
    Tuesday, June 20 2006 @ 01:02 PM EDT Contributed by:kgeffert Views: 23362

    Geeklog NewsDue to an issue at St. Mary's the meeting for June 20th, has been relocated to Outlandish Games Inc.

    read more (37 words)      97 comments      Most Recent Post: 04/23 01:42AM by caca

      Z4CK 2, novel   View Printable Version 
    Sunday, May 28 2006 @ 10:06 PM EDT Contributed by:Anonymous Views: 41572

    Geeklog NewsZ4CK, a must read for zaurus users, was pretty good and especially since it was completely written on a Z.
    The sequel again written by Kevin Milne, was just recently released!

         74 comments      Most Recent Post: 06/08 03:00AM by Fashionsedsses

      Debian Wiki   View Printable Version 
    Wednesday, May 03 2006 @ 01:53 PM EDT Contributed by:Anonymous Views: 16397

    Geeklog NewsFinally!!

         78 comments      Most Recent Post: 06/08 03:04AM by Fashionsedsses

      Loaded Debian SPARC on Sun Blade 150   View Printable Version 
    Friday, March 10 2006 @ 08:07 AM EST Contributed by:gregturn Views: 31853

    Geeklog NewsThe past two days have been very interesting, and exciting. I was able to load one of the Sun Blade 150 workstations in our development lab with Debian Etch. It took a lot of homework, research, and fighting with the console, but I got it done. When I found out the chipset had some flaw with DMA on the IDE controllers, and more properly how to get around it, things turned for the better. With a little more struggle, I managed to get GNOME running.

    I managed to stage a clone of our mediawiki web site there, and play with it. And by loading imagemagick (which isn't built for Solaris), I was able to start using thumbnails.

    Well, anyway, after all this, it appears we will probably shoot for an x86 platform to actually stage our site. I will be giving back this Sun Blade console so others can reload it with Solaris. We will probably get some Dell Poweredge rack server. That being the case, I was going to look at loading Ubuntu. Our development lab has Internet access, but the target environment doesn't. I know you can get an entire CD set for Debian. What about Ubuntu? I will need a CD set to walk into our closed network for set up.

    You can read more details at

         78 comments      Most Recent Post: 09/22 08:55AM by yasmenabdallah

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