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  •   Melbourne Linux C, C++ Programmer Needed   View Printable Version 
    Monday, April 30 2012 @ 09:57 AM EDT Contributed by:rwehrli Views: 27753

    General News5+ years of quality Linux programming skills required. Strong C skills required. Solid C++ skills, too. Established consumer product company seeks to open a new facility in Melbourne and is looking for a few good Linux people with strong Linux systems and application programming skills. Kernel driver/module programming/debugging skills are a plus. Come develop cutting edge consumer devices with us!


    sockets/network programming/protocols
    gdb/debugging/root cause/analysis
    is able to get around effectively from a command line
    is passionate about creating quality software
    knows what "attention to detail" means and is able to deliver it


    kernel drivers/modules
    Reads/reviews schematics
    Uses test equipment and tools
    Lives and breathes from the command line
    Video/Multi-Media streaming (rstp/dtcp/H.264/etc)
    MIPS, ARM, x86
    OOP/OOAD/design patterns


    Quality pay in affordable Melbourne FL
    Health care benefits/subsidized by company
    Stable employment for quality professionals
    Very casual work environment
    Some telecommuting/flexible schedule (40-50 hours per week)
    Convenient Melbourne location

    Contracting Positions Available, too.


    Send [ rNOwehrliSPAM@elecNOtrinsycSPAM dot com ] up-to-date resume with salary requirement for immediate consideration.

         53 comments      Most Recent Post: 09/03 11:30PM by Ciptojunaedy

      Meeting for 8/19/2008 Cancelled   View Printable Version 
    Tuesday, August 19 2008 @ 12:16 PM EDT Contributed by:kgeffert Views: 20970

    General NewsDue to the tropical storm Fay, the regular Tuesday night meeting will not be held.

    Our next meeting will be on Tues, August 26th at 8pm. Check the calendar for details.

    read more (26 words)      126 comments      Most Recent Post: 10/25 12:46AM by User name

      OpenSourceHowTo.Org   View Printable Version 
    Friday, April 13 2007 @ 08:11 PM EDT Contributed by:paul_mat Views: 27559

    General Newshi everyone, i've setup a website so that users of open source server side software can come and look at instructional guides, how-to's, forums, wiki's and all sorts of other information about setting up software on Linux for both windows and Linux based networks.

    I am currently still working on it, adding new screen shots every day, hoping to double check a lot of my how-to's once the screen shots are added, re-write them to increase keyword density of my articles for better search engine results & once that is done i will hopefully be added streaming video of my how-to articles using either youtube embed code or revver embed code.

         94 comments      Most Recent Post: 05/22 01:07AM by Ciptojunaedy

      introduction   View Printable Version 
    Tuesday, August 08 2006 @ 11:54 AM EDT Contributed by:sababeach Views: 16194

    General NewsJust joined the group; I'll introduce myself. My first name is Tim
    and I live in central Florida near Orlando. My vocation is as a
    business application programmer which I started in '66 by
    wire-wrapping boards for Univac 1004/1005s. I spent the next 14 years
    designing/writing big-iron financial applications: demand desposit,
    time deposit, installment loan. Since '81 I've specialized in
    designing/writing micro-iron vertical order processing applications
    for distribution businesses: automotive aftermarket,
    awards & presentations, pottery & landscaping.

    My hardware is limited to Intel/AMD powered computers on which I use
    FreeBSD and the Debian distribution of Linux.

    My current project is a web enabled horizontal order processing
    application using Apache and Linux/FreeBSD which you can test drive,
    if you wish, at my showroom at

    I am retired excepting continued support for my order processing application. I join *ix user groups as an enjoyable way to keep up
    with the state of *ix software.

         82 comments      Most Recent Post: 10/25 01:01AM by User name

      Internet and Congress   View Printable Version 
    Wednesday, April 05 2006 @ 02:53 PM EDT Contributed by:Anonymous Views: 16982

    General NewsInternet Privacy: Overview and Legislation in the 109th Congress

    Q/A on intellectual property with US Dept. of State

         90 comments      Most Recent Post: 04/23 01:42AM by caca

      Linux-Med   View Printable Version 
    Wednesday, February 01 2006 @ 10:47 PM EST Contributed by:lu Views: 23917

    General News
    For those that care about stuff like this...
    more than you wanted to know about more things like hipaa,hl7, etc...
    opensource software

         73 comments      Most Recent Post: 06/08 03:09AM by Fashionsedsses

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